Engraving a Leather Hip Flask

What will I need?


Pen and paper

Hip Flask, we recommend any hip flask from our Leather range

Co2 Engraving machine, we are using our fantastic
Laserscript 6840 by HPC Laser Ltd

A little patience


1. Artwork

Once you have your logo or design ready you will need to make sure it is in the right format for your software, for our machine we use AI files (Adobe Illustrator) for example. Import the design into your software and prepare your settings. You will most probably need to allow one flask for testing your settings so allow for this when ordering your hip flasks.


Software screenshot


Hot tip: By selecting individual areas of your artwork you can test your settings by not wasting a whole flask. On our software you can assign a colour to a pen and then turn this off when doing each different part of the engraving. You can then assess the flask as a whole to see which setting worked best.

2. Orientation

Choosing the right layout and size for your hip flask is essential to making your hip flask look its best. Use your ruler to work out the best template size for the item which you are engraving.

Here are our recommended layouts and suggested sizes,

banner leather orientation

3. Engrave

 Set your focus and you are ready to go.

closeup engraving leather hip flask

Hot tip: To avoid residue leakage it may be useful to use masking tape when doing multiple hip flasks on the machine to protect the stainless steel on the flask and avoid unnecessary cleaning. We tend to find this with our black leather products more than the tan products.

masked hip flask engraving

Once you are happy with the engraving settings then you can begin on a one flask repeated basis or if your machine allows you can set up a multiple grid system like ours which enables us to engrave up to 18 flasks at once.

 multiple hip flasks

Hot tip:  Screenshot any of your software processes and create your own guide tailored just for your company. All you need to do is crop and insert instructions.

Leather Engraving
This CO2 machine is used for engraving on our leather and wooden hip flasks however you can also use the machine for cutting fabrics, acrylic and wood for example. If you would like more information about HPC laser and their machines then email , they also run free demonstrations on a Friday if you are in the Elland, Yorkshire area. 

If you need any assistance with any of our products and how to engrave them for your business then don’t hesitate to drop us an email at and we will gladly give you some more information.

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