Finding the Right Supplier

Industry Tips: Find a Great Supplier

When it comes to finding the right supplier for your business is it always best to go by price alone? We discuss how exploring other factors could help protect your company from unwanted delays and preventable losses.

  1. Customer Service

From the outset, before even placing an order you must feel happy with the initial service. Was it helpful? Did you feel looked after? As we all know first impressions go a long way and if done well first time this will immediately lead you both off to a reassuring start.

  1. Customer Relationship

A good supplier is interested about what you sell and what you could sell to make more profit. You will get the sense that they are interested about improving your product range by perhaps making recommendations based on their experience which are not just necessarily what they want you to buy from them.

  1. Quality

Not only should the products meet your quality standards, but if you order regularly there should always be consistency. Have you received the right amount of each product? Is it well packed?

Also if you receive any items that are damaged or you have a problem with your order, the supplier should be willing to find a fair and quick resolution to ensure the minimum of disruption, if any to your business.

  1. Communication

Through every step of your customer journey it makes things so much easier if your supplier is forthcoming in these areas,

  • Answers the telephone in a prompt and professional manner
  • Quick email response/ quote turnaround etc.
  • Notification of dispatch of order, expected delivery date/courier information
  • If there is any issue they contact you in the first instance, providing a quick resolution
  1. Easy to use

Any supplier should have great customer service, communication and an easy to navigate website for online orders. A functional website which is simple and easy to use reduces the time spent for you to chase a question or query on the phone or by email.

In conclusion when you break down these five vital factors you can assess and determine the quality, standard and expectation from your supplier and if it falls below this then it might be helpful to seek alternatives.


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Nora at - 18/09/2018

As a long term customer of UK Hip Flasks, I've found the right supplier here at UK Hip Flasks. They tick all the boxes above, and are always reliable and dependable in every way.

Admin - 18/09/2018

Hi Nora, what a lovely comment- thank you very much, we are so glad that you are pleased with our service.