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Hip Flasks

Since the 18th century, the hip flask in the form you will see in the shops today has been a popular item. The curved body of the flask is designed to be carried comfortably and discreetly against the contour of the owner’s hip or thigh, or in a coat pocket.

The hip flask is traditionally used by its owner to carry a bracing few shots of their favourite alcoholic tipple, whether that’s whisky, rum or gin or something else! However, perhaps unusually, it’s not something that many people would consider buying for themselves. In fact, though, they make an ideal gift for men and women alike. There are numerous occasions on which individuals might consider gifting one of these neat little items to someone, from significant coming-of-age birthdays to commemorating a sporting achievement. They make great mementos to the grown-up matron of honour, bridesmaids and best man if you are celebrating your wedding day. They are also terrific corporate gifts, being both affordable and yet stylish at the same time. If you are a seller of gifts, an engraver or simply a business looking for an exciting way to reward members of staff for achievement or promoting your brand, then bulk hip flasks represent an interesting way of doing so. Given their sleek and stylish look, especially when bought wholesale from a quality supplier, they are a great investment, guaranteed to fly off the shelves with the right marketing. So what should you be looking for in the products you buy from a wholesale hip flask supplier?

One of your prime concerns will be quality at a reasonable price, both for you and your customers. This is why stainless steel is a great material for a promotional hip flask. It is a hygienic alloy that’s easy to clean – hence it’s often used for cutlery and other household dining items. What’s more, it is inexpensive yet will resist rust and corrosion over the longer term. This strong alloy also makes the flask sturdy enough to withstand more than a few knocks and blows during its lifespan, making it ideal to be used outdoors which after all, is where it comes into its own. And yet stainless steel is shiny enough to look luxurious and appeal to men and women alike too. If you splash out a little more, you can purchase versions that come with captive tops, ensuring the owner doesn’t spend all night retrieving the dropped cap. Also useful is the hip flask that comes with a funnel for easy filling without spilling a drop. If your target market is customers looking for presents for friends, relatives or clients, then check how the item will be presented. A stylish gift box makes the flask look even more enticing as a gift.

Check that your supplier features a wide range, with a hip flask to suit every customer, including more feminine versions available for ladies. If you can find one that also supplies tankards, lighters and bar blades UK wide too, you’ll have the perfect selection of quality presents for your customers to choose from. They’re sure to fly off the shelves!

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