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The art of flairing and raising your bars profile with bar blades UK wide!

Anyone working in the hospitality industry will know that image is everything. You can serve the best food in the county, but if it comes carelessly assembled, splashed all over the plates or otherwise poorly presented, you’re not capitalising on your best asset. You may think there isn’t much that can be done to enhance serving drinks behind a bar, but bar blades UK wide are making a splash these days and proving that wrong.

Long since a feature in America, flairing is the art of serving drinks while entertaining your guests. If you’re not sure how this works, then think back to the 1998 film Cocktail, where Tom Cruise dazzles as a part-time bartender who wows customers by juggling bottles while mixing cocktails! Flairing, or flairtending, is now not just the preserve of working barmen – it’s become a competitive sport in its own right. There are hundreds of bartending competitions across the US, like the Legends of Bartending World Championships in Las Vegas, where the stakes - and prize money - are high. One of the essential tools used in flairtending is the humble bar blade.

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