History of Hip Flasks

A short history of hip flasks...

Traditionally, pewter, silver and sometimes glass were used to make hip flasks. Most modern flasks are now made of stainless steel, although some companies in the UK still do manufacture pewter flasks. Interestingly, it is possible to get plastic flasks which can avoid detection from metal detectors.

The majority of flasks are curved in shape, allowing them to be inserted into a trouser pocket. Round flasks have become more common, along with flasks shaped like walkmans, teardrops and a variety of other shapes.

Many flasks have captive tops which prevent the lid from being lost.

In the middle ages gutted fruit was sometimes used to store alcoholic drinks. Later on, during the 1700s women (who could board docked warships) would often smuggle spirits onto the ship. These flasks were often made from pig's bladders and were secreted within the lady's petticoat.

In the united states carrying a hip flask could see you in contravention of open container laws, either on the street or by possessing one in the glovebox of your car.