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Bar Blade Bottle Opener
That Can Be Branded?

Bar blade bottle opener utensils are obviously very important tools in the hospitality industry. Bars, restaurants, hotels, and so on, require bottle openers for obvious reasons. A large part of running such a business in the modern world is the importance of branding.

It can be hard to diversify a bar or pub with the drinks served as many are dependent on bulk buying non-speciality drinks. This means that it is often the aesthetics and service that play a big part in grabbing the attention of customers. This is where branding plays a large part in the success of a service-based business within the hospitality industry. A substantial proportion of the success of any bar is about achieving the right level of branding. While you don't want to shove such branding in your customers' faces, you do need them to notice and remember you and this can be achieved in subtle ways. This is why branding of items, used by staff and customers can be a great way to better brand your business. The likes of pint glasses, tankards, bar mats, bottle openers or bar blades, and other similar items, can all be branded through laser marking and engraving. While it may seem like this is an unnecessary expense, such engraving is actually performed by certain wholesale providers of bar blades UK wide, thus reducing the cost of the engraving. Generally, these suppliers offer a lot of equipment that can be engraved – such as hip flask products and reduced bulk rates.

So where can you find a wholesale provider of bar blade bottle opener utensils? Well, you've already found them. At UK Hip Flasks, we can also provide laser marking on all our wholesale items such as bar blades, keyring bottle openers, hip flasks and much more. To see our full range of products, just visit or contact our support team via with any questions.