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Hip Flask: What Is The History Of The Hip Flask?

Hip flask, the item as it is recognised today first appeared in the 18th century. It was used by members of the gentry rather than those of the lower classes and was traditionally made of pewter, silver, or glass. Used for numerous things including taking on long journeys to help stave off the cold and discomfort of travelling by carriage. These flasks remain popular with people today and are often used as commemorative gifts, along with other engravable items. Hip flasks have developed in many different ways, also making them the ideal gift for companies to give to suppliers or clients, as marketing promotions.

Bulk Hip Flasks: How Have Hip Flasks Developed?

In America in the 1920s, prohibition was brought in. This meant that hip flasks grew in popularity as they were the perfect way to hide banned alcoholic drinks. Secret sales of bulk hip flasks increased hugely. The police were keen to check whether these prohibited items were in use, and people had to come up with some very inventive ways to hide them. This included wearing them in shoes, hats, and in the garters worn by women of the time. Other items were even pressed into becoming makeshift flasks such as fountain pens, spare tyres, and cigarette cases. Today it is still possible to find vintage hip flasks at antiques fairs and when hip flask online shopping. Some of them are truly beautiful pieces of art. However, modern hip flasks are just as attractive, and should always be the first choice if they are going to be used. Old hip flasks can be made of pewter, which includes lead, and can be dangerous. New bulk hip flasks have created from safe materials – such as stainless steel – and are therefore not only a lovely present, but also practical present to give to colleague, clients, team mates or friends and family.

Buy A Tankard: What Is A Tankard And Why Do People Use One?

A tankard is traditionally a large metal cup that has a handle. It can sometimes have a lid attached to it, often with a hinge. These kinds of drinking vessels have been around since at least the early 1300s. The glass bottomed tankards are thought to have been introduced into the 18th century to avoid being conscripted into the armed forces. If you took the King’s shilling, then you gave your consent to joining the army or navy. If you had a drink and found a shilling at the bottom, you had inadvertently given your consent. The glass bottom stopped this from happening. Unlike a hip flask, tankards were made to be seen. In fact, by the 1700s, if went to buy a tankard made from porcelain or glass you were assumed to be rather wealthy, so it was of immense importance that these beer mugs were seen as often as possible, and any owner of a tankard shop was considered to be in a good profession. By the 19th century, tankards were being mass produced in factories. It was widespread practice for many years to take your own tankard to your local inn and have the landlord fill it.

Bar Blades UK: What Is A Bar Blade?

Related to the hip flask and a good tankard is a bar blade. Cool bar blades make great gifts for anyone who works in a bar, who enjoys a drink, or even someone who makes their own beer. But what is a bar blade? A bar blade is a bottle opening tool that can be used to open any bottle, just like a standard bottle opener. However, there is just a little more to the bar blade. There larger, sturdier nature means that bar blades UK wide have a flowing among those who like to perform tricks while opening bottles, or require speed when serving. Bar tenders who can master the different techniques that a bar blade allows them to do can perform numerous tricks when opening bottles. This is a skill that is growing in demand both for bars and for private parties, and it could lead a barman or woman to earn extra money. What is particularly nice about a bar blade is that there is a large surface that can be engraved. Buying these special tools in bulk to give as corporate gifts, to use in your own bar, or even to give to attendees on a bar tending course for example, is extremely popular.

Star Lighters UK: Why Are Star Lighters Popular?

Just like with a hip flask and a tankard, Star Lighters UK based are something that you can buy in bulk to sell on, knowing that they are quality items that will last for a long time to come. This makes having a Star Lighter great value for money, which is just one of the many reasons why people love to use them. Just look at any Star Lighters review page and you’ll discover that this specific kind of lighter has many fans, and for good reason. Apart from the good value of these lighters, they are also easy to use. Whereas some lighters – both cheaper and more expensive ones – can take a good number of clicks to light, and when they do light the flame can die quickly, Star Lighters are different. When using a Star Lighter, you know that one click lights it first time. And just as importantly the flame stays until you choose to let it go out. No burned fingers, no frustration, just a good lighter that works. Star Lighters are windproof too, which is certainly a bonus. Plus Star Lighters are great looking – they come in a variety of colours including some funky rainbow colours that change in the light. UK Hip Flasks sells these and much, much more.

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