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Bar Blade Buy
Wholesale: Do Not Be Caught Out

Bar blade buy wholesale options are very much advised for any bar, restaurant or business offering bottled drinks to customers. This is because a good healthy stock of bar blades is needed in case some bar blades get lost, misplaced or damaged.

Without bar blades, you may be left in a tricky situation. Many professional bartenders swear by bar blades because of the speed at which they allow bottles to be opened in quick succession. If you run a busy bar, nightclub or restaurant, you will know that every second is precious and time does truly equal money. While this is undoubtedly serious and can cost you sales, you can at least rely on the fact that there are several ways in which bottle crowns can be opened. That's because without a good supply of bar blades, your bar staff may be caught trying use unconventional methods. In 2015, a viral video from a student at Cardiff University showed a bottle being opened by a piece of paper. As funny and as useful as that may be in certain, non-commercial settings, the whole video shows that the process took close to 30 seconds. A bar blade can do multiple bottles in less time. This is exactly why you need a good health supply of bar blades. So where do you find bar blades UK wide at wholesale levels? Well, you'll find them from bulk suppliers who often also supply the likes of glass tankards, lighters, hip flask products and more.

At UK Hip Flasks, a top wholesaler serving the hospitality and retail industries, we offer bar blade buy options at terrific prices to ensure that your bar staff won't ever be left using pieces of paper to open bottles! To see our full range of wholesale products, please visit or to chat to our helpful support team, please contact