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Bar Blade Shop
Stock Important For Hospitality Success

Bar blade shop selling wholesale bar blades of quality is what a number of managers of businesses within the hospitality industry are looking to find. It also helps when the customer service is great, the prices are good and the delivery times are lightning quick.

Bars, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants – the successes of these types of businesses is dependent on stock and inventory being secured as cheaply as possible and being properly managed. If you are a manager in this industry, you don't need to just find a good bar blades UK based wholesale supplier; you need to have this approach to everything in your bar. There are six categories of essential bar supplies. The first of which is cold storage, which is important to keep beverages cool. The likes of coolers, beer taps and ice bins come under this category. Soft drinks dispensers are the second category as mixers and non-alcoholic drinks play an important part in any bar. The third category covers serving items such as glasses, mugs, napkins, spoons and so on. The fourth category covers the tools needed to make frozen drinks; including investing in the likes of blenders and frozen drink machines to make margaritas and daiquiris. Then there are cleaning supplies such as soap, paper towels, cleaning rags and more to ensure bars meet health and safety standards. Lastly, you need preparation and mixing utensils such as knives, cutting boards, corkscrews and, of course, bar blades. So where can you find bar blades wholesale? Well, usually they are supplied alongside other related items such as tankards, hip flask products and more.

A bar blade shop offers multiple items that may be of interest to those running hospitality businesses. And that’s exactly what we do at UK Hip Flasks. We are a wholesale supplier of bar blades, tankards and many other speciality products. To see our full range, visit or contact us via