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Branded Bar Blades
Can Play A Part In Business Success

Branded bar blades may not seem like an incredibly important part of making sure that your bar, restaurant or other hospitality businesses succeeds; but branding, in general, is an incredibly important part of running a bar today. In this article, we cover why branding in a bar setting is so important – and that includes having bottle blade openers with branding.

Bar branding is not something that needs to be stressful. If it is done right the first time around, you will have the experience and know-how to do it again and again. Whether it is an older bar needing revitalised, or a new bar within the hospitality industry, a name is important in any branding exercise. The name also needs a good logo complete with fonts and taglines that have been constructed with branding in mind. The exterior and interior of bars and the like must also have brand logos and designs. Unobtrusive wall signs can help achieve this, but so can small items that feature logos, designs and messages. This is where custom utensils – such as bottle openers, tankards, hip flask items and so on – can help drive the message home. People are used to such items having custom messages and, as such, it will not cause any obvious dissonance in the minds of customers. However, these types of items are generally bought wholesale to try and bring costs down for bar and restaurant businesses. So how can you purchase items with branding from a wholesaler of bar blades UK wide?

Simple: you can buy branded bar blades from UK Hip Flasks. We are a top provider of wholesale bottle opener blade items for both the hospitality and retail industries. To view our full catalogue of wholesale products, which can be fixed with your business logo and designs thanks to laser marking technology, please visit or contact our support team via today.