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: Why Should You Take This Advice?

Buy bar blade is advice you have likely been given if you are new to the hospitality industry and are looking to open an establishment that serves drinks. While it may seem like such a small thing, finding the right bottle openers can really help drive your profits from serving bottled drinks.

There are several diverse ways in which bottles can be opened, but your choice is dependent on the speed required. Whilst other types of bottle openers can be suited to more sedate and non-commercial settings, there can be no doubt that the bar blade is the number one bottle opener to have in any busy setting. Known also speed openers, bar blades have been designed to be sturdy and long enough to allow for a good grip for the user. The design means that bottles can be opened with minimal effort through an easy lever motion, while also being easy to put away in a pocket afterwards. While it is by no means sharp or harmful as the 'blade' name suggests, but the edges of bar blades also make it great for easily opening boxes of stock and dealing with tape. It is very much the preference of professional bartenders due to it being able to be used to pull off clever bartending tricks. So, bar blades are great, but where can you find wholesale bar blades UK wide for sale? Well, you'll need to find a wholesaler who deals with the hospitality and retail industries. Often these companies sell the likes of bar blades, tankards, lighters, hip flask products and much more.

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