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: A Short History Of Tankards

Buy tankard is what a lot of people and businesses search for in order to find tankards for sale at a bulk, wholesale rate. Drinking vessels have been round for a long time and have taken many forms over this time. Here we are going to explore a brief history of the tankard.

The tankard has been around for hundreds of years in its current form. Its origins can be traced back to areas of Northern Europe, which we know today as Scandinavia, Germany and the British Isles. While today's tankard is a vessel purely for drinking – much like the modern hip flask – older tankards featured whistles on the handles as a way to summon a waiter. For those in the service industries, you'll no doubt be glad to hear that if you buy a tankard in bulk today, you're not going to have a bunch of patrons blowing whistles every two seconds! Many of the original tankards were made from materials such as carved ivory, horn and even porcelain, but they became predominately made of metal. The likes of pewter and silver were incredibly popular during these early days of the tankard. Today, of course, the modern tankard is mostly made from durable, reliable and safe stainless steel. But despite these changes, the shape of the tankard has predominantly stayed the same. So, the modern tankard is still a great item to have in a bar as it takes people on a nostalgic journey into the past. After all, the average pint glass can be found anywhere. So, tankards will, most definitely, be a great talking point for customers.

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