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Cool Bar Blades Versus Other Bottle Openers

Cool bar blades are sought after by those running facilities within the hospitality industry. But, of course, there are many ways in which bottles can be opened. So, what are the several types of bottle openers and which are the best?

There are many varieties of bottle openers. One of the most popular options within the hospitality industries is the aforementioned bar blade. The reason this is so popular is because it can open multiple bottles at speed. This makes it perfect for busy nightclubs or hectic pubs where bartenders need to be able to turnover large amounts of sales as quickly as possible. For this reason, any professional bartender will always recommend the bar blade as the bottle opener of choice. The bar blade features a letterbox cutter to remove bottle lids and crown seals, whilst the circular hole can allow for bottles to be easily pulled out of ice without freezing the hands of the bartender. Another option, that is perhaps more suited to those who are not regularly opening bottles, is a keyring bottle opener. These can be great to give away for promotional purposes as they are often metal and can be laser marked with branding and logos to promote your business. Both metal keyring bottle openers and bar blades UK wide can be found at fantastic prices when buying wholesale from suppliers who sell the likes of hip flask products and tankards to both the hospitality and retail industries.

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