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Glass Tankard Wholesale
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Glass tankard wholesale options are coming back into fashion. At one point, many establishments were keen to move away from the image of the old, traditional public houses. This led to many establishments seeking sleeker, fashionable pint glasses. However, times are changing once again.

With artisan produce and designs proving to be very popular with young, affluent middle-class crowds who frequent pubs, many more bar managers are looking for ways to induce nostalgia and offer a traditional pub experience. While the look and furnishings of a pub can play a big part in creating this feeling, the types of ales you serve and the containers you use also help. This is exactly why tankards are back in fashion and why many bar managers are looking to buy a tankard product in bulk. The tankard is perhaps the earliest drinking vessel associated with ale and beer drinking. Stainless steel tankards are perhaps suitable if you are looking for your pub to have a distinctly 'Game of Thrones' feel, or you are recreating an early portside establishment. However, glass tankards are common in public houses and most people are more comfortable with them within a public house type establishment. The glass tankard is long associated with working class, traditional pubs and thus are the best pint containers to purchase in bulk if you really want your establishment to have that traditional feel. But where do you find a wholesaler who offers tankards? Well, you will often find tankard wholesalers are those that also offer hip flask and bottle opener products for the hospitality industry.

Glass tankard wholesale options are exactly what we specialise in at UK Hip Flasks. We are the top supplier of both glass and stainless steel tankards in the UK today for various industries. To view our catalogue, just visit If you'd like to chat about any specific requests regarding your order, just contact our friendly team via today.