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Hip flask shop outlets can be found online for either the purpose of individuals buying gifts, shops looking to buy wholesale hip flasks, or clubs looking to have engraved, customised flasks for their members. There's a big reason why these outlets are so popular – because the hip flask is still a quintessential style icon and status symbol.

This is thanks to the long history of hip flasks being associated with classy individuals and fiery rebels within Western societies. This is no truer than in post-WWI America when Prohibition took hold of the country and alcohol was banned for 13 years between 1920 and 1933. The hip flask received unprecedented sales as more flasks were sold within the first six months of Prohibition than had been sold between 1910 and 1920. This was because flasks were designed to be easy to hide from prying eyes by fitting snugly into the palms of hands – negating the attention of the authorities. This period even heralded astonishing headlines, which we can laugh at today, such as 'Police Class Flask Toters With Gunmen' in New York City's Evening World newspaper! But hip flasks have also become status symbols and fashionable items over the years too. The astonishingly wealthy Thomas Coleman du Pont, President of DuPont which is today one of the world's largest chemical companies, was said to have sipped gin from a gold flask worth $15,000 dollars in today's money. Classy, stylish and rebellious, bulk hip flasks are today completely culturally accepted as great gifts for individuals, great gift shop items and perfect as engraved items for groups and sporting clubs.

But, you obviously need a hip flask shop. And you can find just that via UK Hip Flasks’ website. We offer both individual, engraved hip flasks and wholesale options for those looking to buy customised hip flasks for their gift shops or clubs. Just visit us at https://www.ukhipflasks.co.uk or chat to us via sales@ukhipflasks.co.uk to talk to us about your specific request.