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: A Short History

Hip flask supplier may be what you are looking for today. That's because the hip flask is very much back in fashion. But before we recommend where you can find such a supplier, we want to give you a short history of the simple hip flask.

The simple hip flask came into existence, as we know it today, during the 1700s. At that point, it was associated with land owners of high society – the gentry. But they have been around in some form for much, much longer as ways of storing and easily transporting drinks – even as far back as the Middle Ages. These alternative carriers were even used up until the 1700s when ladies would smuggle gin onto docked British warships by hiding pig bladder flasks within their petticoats! But it was materials such as glass, pewter and silver that used in making the modern style of the hip flask we know today. Over the years, stainless steel has become the favoured material for hip flasks. The hip flask has also become a favourite for giving as a gift, partly because of its suitability for engraving and laser marking. This can include someone's initials, a memorable date or a special message group or club wide message. For those looking to order bulk hip flasks, it can be possible to get these products branded to include your club, group, shop or hotel logo. These products can then be sold on our provide free marketing opportunities.

And you can find a wholesale hip flask supplier in the form of UK Hip Flasks – the top UK provider of wholesale hip flask options. We use modern laser marking to perfectly brand or personalise hip flasks, making them perfect for the likes of gift shops and sporting clubs. For more, check out our catalogue at https://www.ukhipflasks.co.uk. If you'd like to discuss your order beforehand, please email our fantastic support team at sales@ukhipflasks.co.uk.