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Hip Flask Wholesale
For Sporting Clubs?

Hip flask wholesale supply is a terrific way for retailers, attraction gift shops and city or town gift shops to sell hip flasks with specific messages or logos, town names or a brand. But is it worthwhile buying quality wholesale flasks if you run sporting or activity clubs?

The answer is yes and for numerous reasons. By purchasing bulk hip flasks, lighters or tankards and having them customised with the club logo, clubs can improve players sense of identity. Having a small club store can also be a way to generate extra revenue as other’s related to the players, or who watch the team also want that sense of belonging within a club environment. Having useful and unique items engraved with the club logo or moto is more likely to encourage these individuals to spend their money. Many clubs already sell hoodies and t-shirts, so why not expand into bottle openers, lighters, and hip flasks. After all hip flasks have come back into fashion over the past decade. They are often sported by models at Milan Fashion Week, and can be constant stylish fixtures at horse racing events, rugby matches and other events. The thing about flasks is that they don't need to contain alcohol, despite people associating flasks with such beverages, and can serve as a classy medium from which to consume any drink. So, a specially customised hip flask is a great way for members to show pride in their club and advertise it to others in social settings.

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