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Hip Flask Wholesale UK
: Who Carries A Hip Flask?

Hip flask wholesale UK wide suppliers provide a range of hip flasks to numerous different shops, clubs and individuals. But, who really uses hip flasks nowadays? Here we answer this question and show why they are still a great item for anyone to buy.

Traditionally, at least in most people’s minds the hip flask is associated with prohibition in the USA. However, their use and appeal, both throughout history and now, is much wider. They are still mainly associated with the consumption and carrying of alcohol, but can be used just as easily with non-alcoholic drinks. However, it is essential to ensure that if you are going to use a hip flask you purchase a stainless-steel one, particularly if you are going to place anything carbonated in it. Hip flasks are ideal for those on long train journeys where alcohol is allowed, but expensive to buy on route. They are also great on the golf course, where it could be a few hours before you get back to the club house. If you spend hours waiting in the cold watching your favourite amateur footfall, rugby or hockey club, then what better way to warm up than with the odd nip of whisky or other spirit, depending on your preference. And if your local team buys bulk hip flasks engraved with their logo or team name, it’s also a great way to show your commitment. So, as you can see the market for the hip flask is alive and well.

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