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Stainless Steel Hip Flasks Wholesale
: Questions You Need Answers To

Stainless steel hip flasks wholesale are extremely popular with many retailers, gift shops, organisations and clubs looking to have their own branding, logos or designs printed onto hip flasks at a reasonable cost. But, how do you ensure that the flasks you are buying are of a high standard? Here are some questions you should be asking.

The first question that needs an answer is; what is the hip flask made from? There are numerous materials available, but not all are ideal if the hip flask is going to be used for its intended purpose. In this case, stainless-steel is the best option. However, a follow up question should be; is the stainless-steel food grade? This ensures that the stainless-steel is hygienic and fit for purpose. The next question needs to be; do you engrave? Many sellers of bulk hip flasks will either laser engrave themselves, or through a trusted partner. This service saves you money in the long term and means that your goods are ready to sell on as soon as they arrive. This takes us onto the next question. How soon can you have your flasks? And of course, how much are you paying for transit? Some wholesalers will reduce or removing shipping costs on orders over a certain amount. Buying a few more hip flaks could save you on money on shipping, which has no return value. Finally, don’t forget to ask how you get in touch with the company, and what the process is for payment, reordering and returns.

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