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Stainless Steel Tankard Wholesale
Products: Better Than Glass?

Stainless steel tankard wholesale products are a great, affordable way to buy tankards. However, tankards can come in many distinctive styles, shapes and materials. When people generally think of tankards, they usually conjure up an image of a glass tankard or a metal one. But, which is best: stainless steel or glass?

It really is just a matter of taste. Tankards were originally thought to have appeared in the 13th Century. It was believed that tankards of this time were made of wood and were a similar shape to barrels. However, a discovery in 2007, in Wales found a largely intact drinking vessel that looks very like a tankard from a much earlier period. Complete with a 4-pint capacity, it seems even humans during the B.C. era were enjoying copious amounts of ale. The wooden tankard, however, is a remnant of the past and was replaced in time by silver, pewter and leather options. But if you're looking to buy a tankard wholesale, your two primary options are glass and stainless steel. Glass is tough, hardy and allows customers to see their drink which can offer its own satisfaction. Stainless steel tankards are even tougher as they don't break. In terms of cost, stainless steel tankards are more cost-effective than glass options, but glass is primarily the material from which people are more comfortable drinking from today. Stainless steel, however, is becoming more favoured for both tankards and bulk hip flask items.

So, stainless steel tankard wholesale products are great for those looking to spend money on affordable tankards that will be durable and long-lasting. You can find just that with UK Hip Flasks. We offer terrific wholesale options for both stainless steel and glass tankards. To see our catalogue, just visit or talk to us about your specific requirements at