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Star 1988 Lighter
: Great Environmentally Friendly Option

Star 1988 lighter products are very much a favourite amongst smaller retail stores. This is because they are the cheaper alternative to Zippo lighters, yet provide all the same features that people have grown to love from these types of lighters. Most people using lighters don't care so much about the name of the brand, as long as they are purchasing a reliable and safe lighter.

For that reason, Star lighters UK wide are very popular with retailers. But there are also other reasons why Star lighters are a great option for those running such stores. Disposable lighters remain popular – largely thanks to them being very cheap. Conversely, lighters that need to be re-filled are more expensive. So, a Star lighter, sold at a more affordable price than more expensive refillable lighters, could be the answer. And when purchased by the retailer at wholesale prices, not only are savings passed on to the customer, but the retailer can still make a healthy profit. Another reason for retailers to consider bulk buying Star lighters is because refillable lighters are far more environmentally friendly than disposable lighters. It is thought that somewhere in the region of 350 million disposable lighters are thrown out every year. Since the exterior of these lighters are plastic, this has a high impact on carbon emissions. By selling reliable refillable lighters, you are showing a commitment to the environment. It is also worth remembering that although overall lighter sales may go down, you can also sell the oil required to refill the lighters, ensuring continued custom and healthy profits. But first you need to find a wholesaler who sells lighters, hip flask products, bottle openers and other speciality items.

You can find just that by getting in touch with UK Hip Flasks. We provide high-quality Star 1988 lighter products that are windproof and durable to suit even the most demanding of customers. For more on our bulk product range, just visit or contact