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Star I Lighter: Great Personalised Promotional Gifts

Star I lighter products are a great option for those looking to provide promotional gift items to those at conferences, or who are looking to advertise their business to potential customers. Many people like owning re-usable lighters. But, it can be difficult for businesses to find items at affordable prices.

One alternative to bulk buying expensive refillable lighters, is to find a wholesale supplier of star lighters UK wide. Established in the late 1980s, Star Lighters has grown to become a trusted supplier of good-quality, sturdy stainless steel and brass oil lighters that can be re-filled. From the perspective of the business looking to purchase lighters as promotional tools, the great thing about buying bulk Star lighters is that they are very reasonably priced. This isn't anything to do with the quality of Star lighters; rather it is just indicative of how much people pay for recognisable brands. It's why Star lighters are so inexpensive at a wholesale level when compared to the likes of Zippo and other more widely recognised lighter brands. Price is the key reason why wholesale purchasing is great option – whether it is bulk buying hip flask products, lighters or other items. Additionally, certain wholesalers add to their versatility and customer service by offering laser marking to brand the likes of metal products such as lighters and hip flasks. This is perfect for creating promotional giveaways in order to get your brand out there, without having to find a separate engraver or laser marker.

So where can you find a wholesale supplier of Star I lighter products that can also provide laser marking of logos, designs and brands on the surface of the lighters? That's exactly what we do at UK Hip Flasks. For more, just visit If you'd like to chat about the specifics of your potential order, give us an email via