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Star Lighters Price
Is Good News For Gift Shops

Star lighters price is good news for gift shops. That's because unlike more expensive branded lighters, Star lighters are incredibly durable, long-lasting, well-made and extremely affordable. This is great news for smaller gift shops that may be priced out of buying costlier lighter brands, even at wholesale prices.

Lighters – alongside the likes of hip flask products – are among some of the top items that gift shops sell in the UK. This can either be as something to sell purely for practical purposes, or they can be made with custom designs or logos that are in keeping with the gift shops aesthetics or purposes. While buying lighters in bulk is the preferable option here for gift shops to ensure that they can make a reasonable profit, the problem with this is that many brands that are still quite expensive. If you are looking to apply certain branding to these lighters – such as the logo of the gift shop, town/city or attraction to which the shop is associated – this often just increases the cost per unit. This is why many retailers are turning to Star lighters UK wide as a great alternative. These lighters are extremely affordable, yet don't suffer any loss in quality compared to other, bigger brand names. As with many items in shops, it is often the branding that is the major outlay. Star lighters do everything that other bigger brand hinged lighters do, but for much less, and still come with lifetime guarantees. This makes them perfect for smaller gift shops looking to offer high quality lighters to their customers.

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