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Star Lighters Review Compared To The Competition

Star lighters review is what many retailers are looking for before they invest in this brand of lighter. Of course, Star isn't the only option when it comes to refillable lighters, but there can be absolutely no doubt that Star Lighters are the most affordable option.

Star lighters UK are a relatively new name in quality refillable lighters. While other brands have been around since the 1930s, the production of Star lighters didn't start until 1988. But as of 2012, there had been nearly 300 million Star Lighters manufactured, with as many as 60,000 produced every month. As with their more expensive counterparts, Star Lighters come with a lifetime warranty. In fact, they are the dominant refillable lighter in the UK today. They are also becoming more popular in Europe and continue to sell very well in China, where the company was formed. In fact, 65% of their sales are actually within China. Given that over a billion people live in China, that is a lot of people who put their trust in Star Lighters. These lighters can also be found in the likes of Brazil, Canada and Argentina. Despite how cost effective they are compared to other options, Star lighters are incredibly durable and reliable. They can be bought for a fraction of a price when bought in bulk. Good wholesale suppliers will often sell Star lighters and other items such as hip flask products or stainless steel tankards to retailers and the service industry alike.

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