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Star Lighters Wholesale That Can Be Cheaply Engraved?

Star lighters wholesale are sought after by many retailers who are looking to sell high quality lighters at a price that is affordable for their customers. However, to do that, they need to get a good wholesale price on the lighters. However, this is not always easy.

Passing a decent price onto customers can be even more difficult for retailers when they want to provide items with customised logos, or marketing messages. Thankfully, you can find wholesalers who are able to provide Star Lighters UK wide with custom engraving. Since the surfaces of Star Lighters are made of either brass or stainless steel, they are well suited to engraving processes. But engraving of lighters via cutting tools can have quite a surcharge associated with it, which pushes up the end price to customers. Thankfully, there are cheaper alternatives that can be even more effective for branding lighters and other metal gifts. This is generally done via a process called laser engraving. Whereas traditional engraving cuts into the metals, laser marking can provide clear and legible markings on the surface of the lighter without actually cutting into it. This makes it perfect for the purposes of branding metal items – such as tankard and hip flask products as well as lighters – with logos, designs and graphic messages. So, if you are looking to have Star Lighters engraved with logos or designs for the purposes of your gift shop, you need to look for a bulk seller of lighters that can provide laser engraving.

So, which Star Lighters wholesale supplier can do that? UK Hip Flasks can. We are a top supplier of wholesale items, such as lighters, for the hospitality and retail industries that can also be laser engraved with the branding or designs of your choice. For more, visit where you can also from our high-quality wholesale selection. Or contact our support team via with any questions.