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Star Lighters Wholesale UK: Iconic Look At An Affordable Price

Star lighters wholesale UK wide can be a great idea for those looking to sell iconic and recognisable Zippo-style lighters at much more affordable prices. This style of hinged lighter continues to be been immensely popular and makes a great addition to any shop. They are guaranteed sellers.

This type of solid hinged style of refillable lighter first came to worldwide prominence during World War II when the Americans entered the war. This was because American manufacturers focused on producing these lighters for military personnel. They were used by famous Generals George Patton and Douglas McArthur, as well as by those in the lower ranks. They are often also seen in early WWII action-drama movies as props because of how prominent a sight they were during the war. The tradition of using a specific style of lighter continued in modern day Hollywood. Who could forget that iconic scene from Die Hard that sees Bruce Willis crawling through the dark vents of Nakatomi Plaza – lit only by his hinged lighter. While popular, purchasing such lighters often comes with a hefty price tag for the retailer and the end buyer. This is why finding Star lighters UK wide for bulk purchase is a great idea. Star Lighters offer all the benefits of their more expensive counterparts, as well as a near identical look, but at just a fraction of the price. Retailers can also be assured, with the life-time guarantee, that their customers are not losing out on quality either when retailers buy from hospitality wholesalers who also provide the likes of bar blades, tankards and hip flask products.

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