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Star Oil Lighter: A Short History Of The Lighter

Star oil lighter products may be what you are looking to buy today on a wholesale basis if you are a retailer. However, some retailers can worry about the connotations of carrying the likes of lighters and smoking paraphernalia. But the lighter is more than just for smoking.

The first lighter – in a loose sense – was created in 1823, by a German man named Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner. It was known as a lamp, but it contained the mechanisms that would later develop into the lighter. American company Ronson created their first 'Pist-O-Liter' in 1910, before developing their first recognisable lighter in 1913, called the 'Wonderlite'. The next evolution came with Zippo lighters which arrived in the 1930s and achieved mainstream success in America. From there, advancements have continued with this style of hinge lid, metal refillable lighter. Now there are also disposable lighters made with a plastic exterior (but this is rather harmful to the environment), and other hinged refillable lighters made with a stainless-steel exterior (also used to make other items such as hip flask products). One of the newer names on the market is Star Lighters UK, which have been around since the late 1980s and is now one of the biggest selling lighter brands across Europe. If you are concerned about having lighters in your store, remember that they are multi-purpose tools. They are not just for smoking, but also used in situations where there is no electricity or light, to quickly burn items, to produce heat and for many other purposes.

So, as you can see, Star oil lighter products are definitely something you should consider buying for your store. Star Lighters, in particular, are very affordable on a wholesale basis – especially if you shop with wholesaler UK Hip Flasks. For more on our Star lighter range, please visit or contact our sales team via