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Star Windproof Lighter: Great As Gifts

Star windproof lighter products can be terrific items to have in your gift shop. While it's true that less people are smoking cigarettes than ever before, lighters have many purposes and can still be a great gift for a loved one. And despite smoking being less accepted, there are still 1 billion people worldwide who smoke cigars, pipes and, of course, cigarettes.

So, the target market for lighters is still very large. Add to that that lighters can be incredibly useful when the electricity goes off and owning a lighter becomes a must-have. Star Lighters UK are very similar to the iconic Zippo lighters, but can be bought at much cheaper prices, for the same quality. Not only that but, many of the features are the same. For instance, Star Lighters are also wind-proof. This makes these gifts ideal for people who are working in, or travelling in places that are particularly windy. Additionally, it is possible to find wholesalers who can customise the exterior of Star Lighters. This is especially a great idea for gift shop owners. You can have custom messages, logos or sayings related to your gift shop, or to your most common customer segments, on the side of the lighters. This also allows you to take the lighter from an 'item' in your store and turn it into a 'gift' which, of course, affects how much a customer can reasonably expect to pay. Lighters aren't the only items that can receive this treatment. Laser marking is an engraving technique that can also be performed on other metal surfaces such as tankards and hip flask products.

So now you know how great Star windproof lighter products can be for your store, you need to know where you can find Star Lighters on a wholesale scale that can be branded with specific designs and logos. Well, that's what we do at UK Hip Flasks. Visit us at or contact us via