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Tankards Wholesale
: Great For Music Festivals Or Events

Tankards wholesale purchased are very sought after by businesses in the hospitality and retail industries. But, another industry that is looking to invest tankards and other unique items is the event planning industry. But why would event planners be interested in tankards?

One of the reasons is connected to businesses growing awareness of their carbon footprint. This is particularly true of businesses that are being encouraged by regulation changes and laws to be more conscientious on such issues. Many bars at such large events serve beverages in disposable plastic cups, partly due to the dangers associated with glass. These cups are not very environmentally friendly however, and even those that can be reused tend to be flimsy and break easily, meaning becoming rubbish after one use. Previously, options, other than glass, have been limited and based on creating more sturdy plastic alternative. Stainless steel tankards provide a real alternative to both glass and plastic. What changes when event planners buy a tankard or a hip flask in bulk? You can buy stainless steel tankards at a wholesale level for nearly half the price of glass tankards. Not only that, but they don’t shatter they save money over the long term and improve safety, as well as being more environmentally friendly. The world-famous Glastonbury Music Festival even introduced stainless steel cups last year, and to good effect.

So, if you want to be socially conscious and show an understanding of safety at your event, then buy stainless steel tankards wholesale. You can do just that with us at UK Hip Flasks. Come see our wholesale catalogue, including hip flasks and bottle opens among other items, and see our great prices at https://www.ukhipflasks.co.uk or contact the team via sales@ukhipflasks.co.uk. Remember you can also get your tankards laser engraved through us with your own name or festival logo.