Where Can I Buy A Bar Blade

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Where Can I Buy A Bar Blade

Where can I buy a bar blade wholesale? It's a question that is often asked by those running pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants and many other businesses where drinks are served. Before we answer that question, we're going to talk you through the simple, yet effective bar blade and why so many businesses buy them wholesale.

Firstly, bar blades have been around for many years. Whilst bar blade is the most commonly known name, they are also known as speed openers. Professional bartenders swear by them because they can be used to quickly and easily open bottles at speed. They can also be used to easily lift bottles out of ice – ensuring that the bartender isn't left with numb hands that are likely to drop bottle that have been stocked in ice. Bartending is also now often competitive, seeing bartenders pitting off against one another in challenges of skill and speed. As can be expected, the bar blade is the number one tool of choice in these competitions. Bar blades aren't just handy, they can also offer a sense of performance. When opening bottles with bar blades, the popping technique can be a great way to impress customers. As the name suggests, this sees the bottle opening process bring about an audible, satisfying 'pop'. Lastly, and from a business standpoint, bar blades allow bartenders to deal with customers faster and thus ensure profits are maximised. So that leaves the last question: where can you buy bar blades UK wide at wholesale rates? Well, you'll usually find such suppliers offering other similar metal items such as tankards, lighters and hip flask products.

So where can I buy a bar blade wholesale? You can do just that with UK Hip Flasks. We can also customise wholesale bar blades with custom messages and branding designs from your bar or business. For more, visit us at https://www.ukhipflasks.co.uk, or email sales@ukhipflasks.co.uk to talk to our support team.