Where To Buy A Bar Blade

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Where To Buy A Bar Blade
Wholesale: Safety Matters

Where to buy a bar blade wholesale is a pressing question for those running business in the hospitality and service sectors where glass bottled drinks are served. The reason why bar blades are sought after is because they are reliable, durable and can increase efficiency amongst bar staff.

But, there is also another reason why they can be so important – because they are safe. There are a couple of ways in which this is evident. The first of which relates to the nature of bar blades. Bottle opening is something that can be done in several ways. Some of these methods can be unsafe, or can cause long-lasting damage to a person if performed consistently over long shifts. Bar blades have been specifically created with comfort and ergonomics in mind to avoid strain. Another way in which bar blades are safe is that they can lessen contamination of ice. Bottled drinks can often be stored in ice to keep them chilled. Bacteria can build up in such environments due to ice being handled by multiple people. Bar blades have a small circular opening that allow bottles to be picked out of ice without contact with hands. This also prevents any injury or pain to the bartender caused by reaching into the ice. So, bar blades UK wide are universally popular with bar staff and managers. Often these blades can be found at good prices from suppliers who also provide tankards, glassware and hip flask products for pubs and retailers.

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