Where To Buy A Tankard

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Where To Buy A Tankard
That Is Stainless Steel?

Where to buy a tankard wholesale is a question that many ask when looking to buy bulk tankard products. While there are several tankard options out there, many suppliers only offer glass. While glass is the material we most associate with drinking in public places, stainless steel is becoming more popular.

Glass is generally the most popular material for serving drinks whether at home, at social gatherings or in bars and restaurants. Glass is sturdier and longer lasting than plastic alternatives. But stainless steel's popularity at the material of choice for drinking from is booming. There are several reasons behind this, but one primary reason is because stainless steel can be more environmentally friendly than glass. It's not that glass is not environmentally friendly – in fact, recent developments have made glass production far greener – but stainless steel can be even greener because of its longevity. Glass can also work out more expensive to buy, and to continually need to replace as previous stocks are chips, split or otherwise broken. In fact, it's possible to buy a tankard in bulk that is stainless steel for close to half the price of glass tankards, if you buy from the right supplier hip flask, tankard or other bulk items. And while glass can break and cause injuries, stainless steel is completely sturdy – making it safer around those who have been drinking alcohol, as well as for serving and dishing washing staff.

So, there's no doubt about the benefits of stainless steel tankard products; but the question remains of where to buy a tankard in bulk that is stainless steel? You can do so by getting in touch with us at UK Hip Flasks. We can provide both glass and stainless steel tankards – the latter of which we can laser engrave with your particular branding. For more, visit https://www.ukhipflasks.co.uk or contact sales@ukhipflasks.co.uk.