Wholesale Star Lighters

Wholesale Star Lighters

Wholesale Star Lighters Can Be Custom Engraved

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Wholesale Star Lighters are very popular with those looking to sell lighters in a retail setting, particularly smaller gift shops and newsagents. However, one way to make a bigger mark-up on these lighters is to provide ones that have custom messaging engraved on the cover.

There are numerous reasons why it could be advantageous to your business not just to buy standard, non-engraved lighters, but rather to buy lighters that have been customised and engraved. For those smaller retailers, customisation can allow you to sell the likes of lighters or hip flask products with specific messages that mean something in a particular region or area that you are in. This could relate to a local sports’ team, landmark or local saying. In terms of gift shops, it's also very much the same thing. Offering lighters branded with the gift shop's logo or messages regarding the attraction the shop is built around can increase sales, as well as act as a marketing tool once they are taken out into the wider world. So, while the process of engraving all these wholesale lighters may seem like a massive expensive, there are certain wholesale suppliers of Star Lighters UK wide that can provide such services at a reasonable cost. This is usually done via the process of laser engraving, which is an affordable way for custom designs to be added to metal surfaces like stainless steel – the material used in the exterior of many Star Lighters. So where can you find a wholesaler with the ability to provide custom laser marking services?

You just get in touch with the team at UK Hip Flasks. We are one of the top providers of wholesale Star Lighters in the UK today, and we provide laser marking services to produce custom-designed items in bulk. To see our range of Star Lighters and learn about our laser engraving services, please visit http://www.ukhipflasks.co.uk. If you'd like to know more, you can email sales@ukhipflasks.co.uk with any questions.