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Promotional Hip Flask
: Back In Fashion

Promotional hip flask options are what a number of business look to buy for various reasons. It could be for the purposes of selling flasks in a gift shop that are branded with specific logos, or messages, or it could be to act as promotional gifts for potential clients and important influencers at a conference.

Whatever the case, the hip flask is most certainly back in fashion. This is, at least in part, thanks to many celebrities being spotted swigging from flasks. Superstar and hit-maker Rihanna was spotted sipping from a gorgeous studded flask, alongside a friend, at the 2017 Grammy Awards. This sent her fans into a social media frenzy and garnered many headlines in the press. Hip flasks have been long associated with stars and those looking to create a fashion statement. In fact, many models at the Milan Fashion Week are often seen with hip flasks in hand due to the chaotic and hectic nature of the events. This is partly because bottles and glasses can become lost or misplaced, whereas a hip flask is easily stored in a pocket and is easily accessible. But such flasks don't need to necessarily contain alcohol. Thanks to modern stainless steel flasks which are more durable and less corroded by particular drinks, all sorts of beverages can be contained within – even fizzy juice! Due to their flexibility, hip flasks are still extremely popular in many walks of life. But if you're looking to buy bulk hip flasks for promotional purposes, you're going to need a good wholesaler.

UK Hip Flasks are a provider of promotional hip flask options that can be engraved and fully customised with the branding of your choice. You can choose from multiple flasks in assorted styles and colours. Come see our stock at or email us via if you want to discuss your specific request.