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Star 1 Lighter That Can Be Customised?

Star 1 lighter wholesale options are what a number of businesses – particularly in the retail industry – look for today. This is mainly because businesses want to sell refillable lighters in the style of Zippo lighters, but require affordable wholesale alternatives. Star lighters are a great solution to this problem.

If you need wholesale lighters there are plenty of online bulk buying options, but what if you want to have lighters with customised logos, designs and branding. This is something that many different outlets including gift shops may be interested in. Selling lighters customised with a branded message related to the town the shop is based, or the attraction that it is centred around can increase profits. For example, a gift shop in London can sell a hip flask or lighter that has a customised drawing of the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, or even a double decker bus for more than it can a plain version. But, when sourcing lighters to customise and sell on it is important that people buy lighters to use, as well as for mementos. This means it is important that the lighters work, and work properly, as well as being refillable and safe. The key to this is to buy a well-known brand of lighter from a reputable source of wholesale items. So where can you find star lighters UK wide that are offered at wholesale prices and can be delivered with customised branding?

The answer is simple, from our team of experts at UK Hip Flasks. We offer various Star 1 Lighter bulk buying options. We are also able to fully customise lighters with specific designs and branding thanks to our laser marking service which is perfectly suited to stainless steel and other metal surfaces. For more, visit us online at or contact us via